The Tenth Anniversary of 
the Japanese Chapter of 
the International System Dynamics Society
October 21, 2000 at Ichigaya Campus of Chuo University, Tokyo
The Presentation
The Social Meeting

 The Presentation  
Professor Morita, Gakushuin University gave the presentation about 'In Search of Linkage Management' at the Tenth Anniversary Regular Meeting of the Japanese Chapter of the International System Dynamics Society. His research shows competitive edges come from personal as well as technical corporation in a company, that is to say, linkage management among strategy and those who are implementing the actual work.
More than twenty researchers attended and discussed about this current topics.

 The Social Meeting  
Actually, it was the first party for the Japanese Chapter because all the members seemed like to study more than to drink.
Anyway at the beginning of the party  Chapter President Kobayashi asked Chapter Founder Shimada to give an address and to toast the Tenth Anniversary of the Japanese Chapter. 
And then he talked about congratulatons from President Vennix of the International System Dynamics Society. The copies of congratulations from President Vennix and Executitve Director Spencer were shown on the board in the room as well as distributed to the attendants.
According to Former Chapter President Kameyama, the Japanese Chapter was established in September, 1990.
Chapter President Kobayashi asked Chapter Founder Shimada to toast.
Founder Shimada enjoyed talking with Pioneer Sakakura in SD in Japan.
Former President Kameyama, Founder Shimada and SD'95 Org.Com. Chair Morita

from President Jac Vennix and Executive Director Roberta Spencer

  From President Jac Vennix

October 18, 2000
  As the current president of the System Dynamics Society I would like to congratulate the Japanese Chapter on its 10th anniversary. On this occasion, I would also like to personally thank all those who have contributed to the foundation and the further advancement of the Japanese chapter of the System Dynamics Society. As we may observe in retrospect, Dr. Shimada's early initiative has spawned the foundation of many other chapters throughout the world, which has in turn significantly advanced the growth of our field. 
  I know that the Japanese chapter has always been very active in disseminating System Dynamics knowledge in Japan. Over the years many meetings have been held in which System Dynamics topics have been presented and discussed. The frequency of meetings and the variety of topics is impressive, to say the least. I think the Japanese chapter is one of the most active of all the chapters in our field.  As a result you have also been very successful in recruiting new members for the Society in Japan. 
  I am proud and grateful to have such a chapter in the System Dynamics Society. I think your chapter may well serve as an example to all of our other chapters, as I am sure it has already done in the past. I wish you all the best in your future efforts to further promote the field of System Dynamics in Japan.
  Please convey my congratulations to the other members of the Japanese chapter and I wish you all a happy celebration at the social meeting on October 21st.

Prof. dr. Jac A.M. Vennix
President of the System Dynamics Society
Nijmegen University
The Netherlands
Prof. dr. Jac A.M. Vennix
Nijmegen School of Management, Methodology dept.,
Nijmegen University;
P.O. Box 9104; 6500 HE Nijmegen; The Netherlands
phone: +31-24-3616291/3615568 / fax: +31-24-3612351

  From  Executive Director Roberta Spencer

October 17, 2000
  On behalf of the International System Dynamics Society, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Japanese Chapter of the International System Dynamics Society on the occasion of its tenth anniversary. Dr. Shimada's work in establishing the chapter was key to building a solid foundation in the field of system dynamics, not only in Japan but in the Society and the world. 
  The Japanese Chapter, working with the Society, nurtures the critical infrastructure that supports a strong future in the field of system dynamics. The Japanese Chapter is helping to build a larger and more enduring system dynamics community. 
  The membership directory for the International System Dynamics Society dated June 15, 1990 lists sixteen members from Japan. The Society membership from Japan in the year 2000 records thirty-four members. Membership from Japan has more than doubled in ten years. That is incredible growth and the Society is very proud to have such an active and growing chapter in Japan. 
  Please accept our congratulations and our hopes that system dynamics in Japan, with the support and enthusiasm of your chapter, will continue to enjoy sustainable growth.
International System Dynamics Society 
Roberta L. Spencer

Executive Director
Roberta L. Spencer
Executive Director, System Dynamics Society  Phone: 518-442-3865
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Assistant to the Director, System Dynamics Society
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